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calogero pace

Ente di appartenenza: Asp Ragusa
Dr. Calogero Pace is Public Health Nurses, Criminologist, Epidemiologist, expert in the Protection and Coordination of Civil Defense and expert in fire safety. Expert in intelligence and criminal analysis. He is technical electrical and electronic industries with expertise in radio engineer, electrical and telecommunications. Expert epidemiological and statistical software. Surveillance in hygiene environment, operator in CBRN environment and the implementation of syndromic surveillance of community and "situational criminology" on any topic related to criminology. Expert oversight of fraud in health care and employment analyzes disaster. He is interested in the development of new contingencies for the implementation of surveillance "situational criminology" in community and suitable for monitoring situational crisis unit in potentially major accidents and war (new weapons).
I miei studi: Degree in Nursing at the University of Florence has received the following Master's College in prestigious universities: - Criminology and Sciences Strategy (University La Sapienza-Rome); - Coordination of Civil Protection (University of Florence); - Community nursing and public health (University of Florence); - Analysis of fire risk in the workplace (INFORMA Roma – CFPA Europe). - Management per le funzioni di coordinamento dell’area infermieristica ed ostetrica (University of Florence). He attended college the following courses: - Epidemiological surveillance and prevention of infectious risk in the community and in hospitals (University of Florence); - Environmental hygiene: environmental pollution and health damage matrices (University of Florence). He received advanced training in epidemiology, public health and epidemiology software from the Istituto Superiore Sanità (ISS - Rome). - Intelligenge e Sicurezza Nazionale" Università di Firenze Formed and trained at the School Interforze per la Difesa NBC Rieti as Operator in NBC environment. Several publications in scientific journals in the field of Epidemiology, Surveillance and Bioterrorism Syndromic and employment in health care fraud. Various teaching assignments in courses for health professionals on the ECM of CBRNE terrorism and new weapons. He had been a speaker at scientific conferences in which he had the opportunity to promote new strategies contingent on community epidemiological surveillance on prevention and protection from terrorist CBRNE attacks. He was born and lives in Ragusa since 1963. Works in the ASP Ragusa in Epidemiological Observatory of Pubblic Health Departement..